Eric Ducoff Band


Private Guitar Lessons now available in person and via Skype!

I’ve been playing guitar now for 28 years (yikes!). Since 2000, I’ve been the guitar player in Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts, a traditional harp-based blues band that has received accolades in Vintage Guitar Magazine, Blues Revue and more. I also front my own trio, The Eric Ducoff Band, which spans a WIDE  range of styles. On any given night you can hear us play anything from T-Bone Walker jump blues, to guitar-heavy roots-rock originals.

Throughout my lifelong guitar obsession, I’ve always cherished the the knowledge and direction that players I admired shared with me. Whether it was showing me how to play a cool lick, teaching me how to play a tune, guiding me on how to dial in my sound, or full-on formal lessons, I learned and grown from each of these scenarios. Now, I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my insight with other aspiring players.

I will be offering lessons in most American roots-based music (blues, rock, classic rock, etc.). However, my main forte is traditional blues. Whether you’re looking to emulate the Chicago sounds of Jimmy Rogers, Magic Sam, Luther Tucker and Robert Lockwood, Jr., the Texas stomp of Gatemouth Brown, T-B0ne Walker and Jimmie Vaughn, the West Coast jump of Hollywood Fats, Rick Holmstrom, Junior Watson and Kid Ramos, or any of the other countless blues and jump blues legends (Goree Carter, Tiny Grimes, Johnny Guitar Watson, etc., etc.), I would love to help you on your journey.

Here’s just a sampling of some things we could work on:

  • Common blues chord shapes
  • The MANY sides of blues rhythm playing
  • Knowing the right (and wrong) things to play over different styles
  • Lead guitar techniques
  • How to break out of the pentatonic box
  • How to play your favorite blues tunes
  • Any anything else you’d like to cover

Rates: $25 per half-hour or $40 per hour — Available via Skype or in person if you live in CT

Contact me here to if you would like more info or are ready to schedule a lesson.

Contact me here to if you would like more info or are ready to schedule a lesson.

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